Hat Cleaning & Shaping

We do offer Hat Shaping, Stretching and Cleaning, however do plan ahead as we do not staff a full time resource dedicated to this. Please call a head to verify availablity to meet your timeframe of when you need it complete. We generally recommend planning to drop off your hat(s) during the week and they will be completed over the weekend. We will need your name, phone number and a reference image of what you would like it shaped like.

We do not shape open crown Straw Hats or Felt Hats 3X and below. We can get them cleaned up and back to a similar form, however reshaping them from the factory pressed version we stray away from as they just don't have the body to hold the desired shape.

We are able to stretch most hats by 1/8", beyond that it risks damaging the hat.

We do have a steamer in-store that customers are welcome to shape their own hats, just ask for assistance and we can get it setup.

Most hats will have a minimum fee of $20. Open Crown and extensive cleaning will be higher.

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